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Terms and conditions


  1. RentACarPL.com, referred to as lender lend the borrower a car for use according to conditions defined in this agreement. The car is the subject of lending.
  2. The BORROWER pays bail to the LENDER, whose value is defined in item “bail” on at first page of the contract as a securing of eventual costs necessary to cover the costs caused by the BORROWER. The bail is subject to total of partial return at the moment account clearance. Total or partial loss of bail is conditioned on the following situations:
    • car stealing and total loss (value of repair exceeds 70% of the car value) – total loss of deposit,
    • loss of keys - 700 PLN,
    • loss of registration document or keys with remote control - 1000 PLN,
    • missing or exchanged parts – double value of these parts from the dealer,
    • damaged upholstery and burns caused by cigarettes – price of damage removal in authorized service station,
    • damaging the borrowed car caused by the borrower – value of damage removal to bail value,
    • causing a road accident - 1.000PLN,
    • early breach of contract – amount of unused days x day rate up to 1500PLN.

    Bail clearing occurs always at the time of car return with the exception of situations mentioned above. The Auto Casco does not cover the defects of wheel, suspensions, glass, radio installation and acts of vandalism.

  3. In case of breach of item 2 in the general rental conditions the BOROWER is obliged to pay bail in the following two cases:
    • if bail was not paid to LENDER on the day of signing the rent contract,
    • if due to prolongation of the rent contract on BORROWER`S will the bail was breached.
  4. In case of defect or loss of car the BORROWER is obliged to notify the LENDER about the fact as soon as possible.
  5. If the defect took place as a result of road accident, the BORROWER is obliged to contact the LENDER as soon as possible, reporting the Police, obtain a declaration from the perpetrator if the accident occurred due to third party fault and to secure the car.
  6. The LENDER declares that the car is in good technical state and has al necessary documents.
  7. The car cannot be used in sporting events.
  8. BORROWER is obliged for full responsibility and coverage of all losses resulting from driving the car when being under the influence of alcohol or narcotics or medical substances, which make the car driving impossible.
  9. The BORROWER returns the car on the date given in the agreement. Lawless extension of the rental period over 4 hours causes additional fee for next day of rental.
  10. The car cannot leave Poland without prior consent of the LENDER.
  11. The BORROWER is obliged to check the state of car fluids (engine oil, brake fluid, cooling fluid) and inform the LENDER about planned car overhaul according to the service card at the engine.
  12. Should the BORROWER not return the car within 12 hours after the date given in the rental agreement and not contact the LENDER, the LEDNDR informs the prosecution institution about theft.
  13. In case of breach of contract the LEDER has the right to pass the personal data of the BORROWER to institutions responsible for law execution and to a register of reserved persons known as 'black list'.
  14. The BORROWER cannot borrow other person with the exception of the person given in the agreement as the driver.
  15. The BORROWER is obliged to park the car on a guarded parking.
  16. Please return a clean car, otherwise we reserve the right to charge you with 100PLN and in special cases (stains on seats) up to 250 PLN for cleaning of upholstery.

Any dispute that might arise in connection with or as a consequence of this Contract, and which cannot be resolved out of court, shall be settled by legal proceedings.


The car renting company informs that:

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